On and Off-page SEO Tips

The Main 2 factors in search engine optimization are: 1. On-page SEO and 2. Off-page SEO. In planning that design of a website, we focus on on-page SEO before jumping into off-page SEO.  We build web pages around keyword and keyword phrases we know business prospects are searching Google. It is really that simple….Oh no not simple but […]

Essential SEO HTML Tags

For a website, getting a#1 Local Google ranking should be a top goal. A great designed website is worthless if people can’t find the website. Some research has found that organic results, not paid Google results, get 70% of clicks. Who know if that it true or not but you can’t beat free clicks and traffic […]

11 Easy steps to ADA, w3c Compliance

11 Easy steps to ADA, w3c Compliance 1. Provide Alt text to images. 2. Label tags on form elements. 3. Add closed captions of audio and video. 4. Create color contrast that meets minimum threshold 5. Make Links descriptive 6. Don’t use color as the only indicator of meaning 7. Font sizes should be above 18 […]